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Connect your business to the universe, and multiply by infinite. We make the technologies easier than ever to write, talk, hear, see, and work together.

What we do

Productivity Suite

Our productivity pack includes modern communication & collaboration tools: Outlook email (with custom domain, video-conference with Skype Enterprise, instant messaging, Microsoft Office suite.

Licenses and automatic updates to the latest version are included in the monthly subscription, as well as management and assistance by our 24/7 Ultra-Support team.









Extended Collaboration

The best tools to communicate and work together

Outlook Email

The most proven Email solution on the market. We manage it for you on Microsoft's cloud with a custom domain setup and our more accessible support.

Skype Enterprise

Work together from anywhere with Skype. Face-to-face meetings with your teams and your customers, screen sharing to collaborate. Efficiency is now easy.

Instant Messaging

Text on your computer with everyone in your company, see who is available or busy. Messaging has became the most popular communication way.

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook client, OneNote, all the Microsoft suite always up-to-date with the last version and ready to produce on all your devices.

On All your Devices

Our subscription covers 5 installations of Microsoft Office per user. It works on all your devices: PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Licensed & Compliant

Official license and updates of course. But we also make it compliant with the very complicated US laws on Email and personal data conservation.

Business benefits

Enhanced communication

Working together builds stronger teams. Communication brings people together, we believe that virtual communications can bring the world together. Transparency in communications makes employees more motivated and likely to have high levels of engagement.

Modern features. Content Sharing-take your meetings to the next level by allowing you to share your desktop screens and documents. Transform your meeting spaces … Start an online meeting with one-touch join, project it to a room display, and share it with remote participants on smartphones or laptops. Or see who’s online and send them an instant message to get a fast response.

Grow your Business

Productivity Pack

$22/mo per user

This price includes 1 Productivity Pack for 1 named user with a month to month contract (no engagement), with all the features and unlimited assistance by the 24/7 Ultra-Support team. Or get 1 Basic Pack (Outlook Email + Skype) for $10/mo.

The Productivity Pack is included in our Ultra-Pack and Ultra-Pack+.

  • Skype Enterprise
  • 5 Installations
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Anywhere, Anytime, Any device...

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Easy and intuitive collaboration with our Productivity Suite, forget about the tech and focus on efficiency.

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