Age of Dinosaurs is over

We thought it was time to change everything about computers, and to give them a chance to work just as good and simple as an iPhone, don't you? So... we just did it.

What we do


Oxeegen delivers a Microsoft Windows based 360° managed computer that runs in our highly secured Datacenters. It looks the same on your desk and keeps your habits but it’s more reliable, powerful, always up-to-date, and immediately accessible from anywhere.

The monthly subscription includes a computer with its 22” HD monitor, the Microsoft licenses, deployment and updates as well as the 24/7 support fully managed by our expert team.

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Computer features

The next generation computer with the productivity and efficiency you need

Extreme Power

You don't like the spinning cursor? Good because our computer doesn't need to start or reboot or update or wait or anything else that wastes your time.

Total Accessibility

As the "brain" of our computer is running in the cloud, we can display the "screen" anywhere, on any device: tablet, Mac or PC, iPhone,... whatever you like the best.

Never Obsolete

This is your last computer. It evolves automatically to the latest version of Windows, keeps the applications updated, and computing power can grow. Yes it can.

Instant Provisioning

60 seconds to deploy a PC to a new employee, that's fast. But also 60 seconds to deploy a new application to all the existing employees. Yes, this is serious.

Business Continuity

Zero is how many problems we like. Zero downtime, zero data-loss, zero virus, zero malware, zero security breach ... Keep the big numbers for your bank account.

Cost Reduction

No more investment or renewal, pay as-you-grow for what you need, save on assistance and services, gain on productivity. Reduce your IT budget of 50%.

Business benefits


Unbreakable Computer. Yes, it eliminates down time and multiply the productivity of your employees. The centralized provisioning system guaranties configurations alignment and always up-to-date computers.

Extend your business horizon. Not only does our Computer provide efficiency and mobile work lifestyle for employees, it provides flexibility in implementing changes and new technologies without high risk and cost.

Always ready. On-demand elasticity and pay-per-user make it scalable for large corporations and affordable for small ones, with an impressive cost reduction of more than 50% over classic IT solutions.

Grow Your Business


From $69/mo per user

This price includes 1 Computer for 1 named user with a month to month contract (no engagement), 1 Dell 22” desktop terminal, and all the server ressources and software (excluding your application’s licenses) to operate the service.

Computer is included in our Ultra-Pack+.

  • Microsoft & VMware licenses
  • 10GB of storage with backups
  • Configuration, updates
Prices & OptionsUpgrade your Device

Anywhere, Anytime, Any device...

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Enlarge your business horizon with the next-gen computer.

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Ultra-Support 24/7Always included

Assistance, updates, maintenance, monitoring, ...We are your IT team!

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