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Give your business the right connectivity: bring your network to a whole new level with an incredible performance, unmatched reliability and security.

What we do

Managed Network

As the foundation of your IT, your network needs to be optimal to deliver high quality services. Oxeegen provides all the equipments you need, with 24/7 management services for a simple and competitive monthly fee.

Our team will setup every of your offices with a high quality network installation (router, switches, WiFi access points, new patching cables), and a proper technical documentation. Then the Ultra-Support team will monitor, manage and support this installation 24/7.

1000 Mb






256 Bit


Network features

Speed up your information with the fastest network technologies


We implement a Selective Policy on your network to prioritize the business critical information against any secondary usage of the internet. The essential becomes faster without any limitations on the possibilities and the freedom of use.

Perfect WiFi Coverage

We deploy ultimate technologies in your offices to guarantee a full high-speed WiFi coverage of every single square foot. We also provide a secured guest Wifi to accommodate your visitors.

High Speed Connectivity

Drive in the HOV lane all the time! We operate your IT services mainly from our Data-centers, connected to a virtually unlimited internet bandwidth. Less internet traffic on your local office network results in a higher commuting speed to access information.

Absolute Security

The access to your network is protected by strongly encrypted passwords. VPN connections between your offices ensure a total privacy. Internet is routed and filtered through our firewalls.

Business benefits

Accelerate your operations

Business needs speed. Our flexible, powerful, and reliable network offer frees your business from the difficulty of managing the connectivity of your offices. We shift the costs of owning and maintaining network assets to on-demand pricing (CapEx to OpEx), while masking the technological complexity.

The performance is always maximum and your transactions are optimized for the maximum productivity while allowing less usage restrictions. Your employees work faster, increasing their efficiency.

Grow your Business


From $99/mo

This price covers the setup for 1 office with 1-3 users with a month to month contract (no engagement), all the network equipments to operate the service, 24/7 Ultra-Support and maintenance. On-premise installation fees apply.

Network is included in our Ultra-Pack and Ultra-Pack+.

  • 1 router/firewall
  • Cisco network switches
  • Cisco WiFi access points
  • Patching cables
  • Maintenance, updates
  • +$29/mo per user
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Worry-free and high performance Network setup, forget about the tech and focus on efficiency.

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Ultra-Support 24/7Always included

Assistance, updates, maintenance, monitoring, ...We are your IT team!

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