You think you've heard everything?

Yeah... that's right. No revolution here but we think you deserve a better-than-crap-sound-quality phone, and not to pay the carriers that are making billions on your back.

What we do

Cloud HD Phone

Smartphones are great, however the office phone stays comfortable and convenient for many reasons. Oxeegen offers a complete business phone solution, innovative and simple, for a very aggressive fixed monthly fee.

The phones come free with the subscription and the communications are unlimited – no charge. Our Ultra-Support team monitors and supports your phone installation 24/7.









Phone features

Switch for a modern solution and save some serious money

Cost Savings

Our plans are the less expensive on the market, that's simple. There is no additional fee or supplement for the number, the phone, the features, or anything else before you can give a call. Just 1 price all included!

No Engagement

No one likes to be locked in a multi-year contract. Business is changing everyday and you need to adjust your strategy, change location, open or close new offices quickly, go for a different provider. With Oxeegen's flexible month-to-month contract you are free to grow your business as you want.

Flexibility & Mobility

More than VoIP, this is a cloud Phone. Scale up (or down), as you need; plug it to internet anywhere in the world, it will work. If you don't want to put it in your baggage, it will follow you anyway in your computer or your smartphone.

Top Business Features

No extensive listing of technical words here... Our cloud-operated solution comes with all the standard features of any unified communications VoIP system. If a specific design is required such as a call-center or application integration, we can help you too.

Business benefits

Freedom & Quality

Fully Flexible. Easy to deploy, it enables employees to stay connected and provide a consistent business presence, helping to increase productivity. Our phone solution scales up and down with your business needs, no annual contract.

Top Features. Mobility and ease of use, business continuity (unaffected by outside factors) to keep your communication up with customers, virtual receptionist, call-center, integration with applications …

Efficient. No technical requirements, and an impressive cost reduction of more than 50% over the competition.

Grow Your Business


$20/mo per line, unlimited calls

This price includes 1 Phone line with a month to month contract (no engagement), 1 Cisco phone SPA504G, unlimited communications in North America, assistance and management by the 24/7 Ultra-Support team.

Phone is included in our Ultra-Pack and Ultra-Pack+.

  • 1 Phone line
  • 1 Cisco phone
  • Unlimited calls
  • All features
  • No hidden fees
  • Unlimited world +$10/mo
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Worry-free and high performance VoIP Phone system, forget about the tech and focus on efficiency.

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