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Traveling is part of your business? Your company has multiple locations? You need to work from home? Your accountant needs an access? Let's give some Oxeegen to your Apps!

What we do


Oxeegen transforms your Microsoft Windows based applications into Remote Apps that run in our highly secured Datacenters. They become immediately accessible from anywhere and on any type of computer, smartphone, or web browser.

The monthly subscription per user includes all the hosted server resources, the Microsoft licenses, deployment and updates as well as the 24/7 support fully managed by our team.

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Hosted Application features

A worry-free and efficient way to run your business applications

Easy Transformation

Whether your application was design to run on a server or a PC, we have the technologies to turn it into a powerful and secured outsourced remote service.

Flexible Access

We make your business applications accessible from any computer Mac or PC, but also on your mobile devices or any web browser. You work easier.

Quick Deployment

Migrate in no time and painlessly. Then you can provision new users in a minute, and also deploy more applications easily with no additional cost.

Secured Business

Hosted on high-availability platforms with a guarantee of service (SLA). Backed-up, updated, monitored and fully managed 24/7 by our Ultra-Support team.

Business benefits

Simplify your work

Business is motion. Our affordable, fast, and available compute resources let your business quickly move forward with your IT projects to test, migrate, or deploy any Applications. We shift the costs of owning and maintaining servers to on-demand pricing (CapEx to OpEx), while masking the technological complexity.

On-demand scalability, or elasticity lets your organization save on costs by paying for usage, not the maximum capacity needed. The mobile and wide accessibility of our remote Apps empowers your employees in their everyday work, increasing their productivity.

Grow Your Business


$49/mo per user

This price includes 1 access for 1 named user to the Oxeegen Apps platform with a month to month contract (no engagement), and all the server ressources and software (excluding your application’s licenses) to operate the service.

Apps are included in our Ultra-Pack and Ultra-Pack+.

  • Hosted server in Datacenter
  • Microsoft & VMware licenses
Prices & Options

Anywhere, Anytime, Any device...

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Easy to deploy and access your Apps, get mobile and more efficient.

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Ultra-Support 24/7Always included

Assistance, updates, maintenance, monitoring, ...We are your IT team!

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