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Oxeedrive is a revolution in IT file management, it will let you work with your Microsoft AD based file server anywhere, anytime, on any device, seamlessly.

What we do

File Server

Files contain all your business information, they are in fact the main component of any IT system. The Oxeedrive replaces your company’s file server empowering your employees with exponential possibilities, while keeping the existing advantages and habits.

The new features complete seamlessly your existing file organization to enhance your work instantly. Our Ultra-Support team supports you 24/7.









Awesome features

Manage your business files with the most advanced and flexible solution

Total Mobility

Your company's file server becomes accessible live from anywhere not only with your computer but also with our smartphone app or any web browser.

Easy Backups

All the files are backed up multiple times everyday, and you can access the versions by right-clicking on any folder to restore them without any IT assistance.

Business Oriented

Oxeedrive gives the accessibility and the features of Goggle Drive or DropBox to your company's file server, also allowing collaboration and external shares.

Controlled Access

The folders/files permission policy is maintained using the same user login and password than the rest of your IT system (Microsoft Active Directory).

Seamless Transition

Migrate to the Oxeedrive is simple and painless. No change in the way you work, it is immediately effective and increases your productivity.

High Security Storage

Your files are stored on replicated systems in datacenter facilities that provide the highest possible security. You will never loose anything, ever.

Business benefits

Never missing a beat

Finally! The Oxeedrive is the first system on the market that gives you a real time access to all your business files anywhere from a single and unique version – No more difficult synchronization or hazardous duplications, you are at the source.

Business applications are limitless for mobility, collaboration, flexibility and security of you information.

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$12/mo per user

This price includes 1 Oxeedrive  account for 1 named user with a month to month contract (no engagement), and all the services that comes with this product.

Oxeedrive is included in our Ultra-Pack and Ultra-Pack+, and linked to all your folders when used with our Computer offer.

  • 1,000 GB of storage
  • Web-access on PC and Mac
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Microsoft Active Directory based
  • Daily & Monthly backups
Prices & Options

Anywhere, Anytime, Any device...

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Easy and intuitive navigation with Oxeedrive, forget about the tech and focus on efficiency.

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